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Rope Dart

While relatively new, rope dart is becoming increasingly popular due to its impressive performance combination of martial arts and dance. Rope darts have been created to be set alight with a section of fireproof chain or rope between the dart and the rope which attaches  securely with Kevlar wicks to form the flammable head. Rope darts can also have heads filled with LED lights or even with smoke. Since  these are best performed in the dark, you can be sure of adding excitement and mystery to your event!


Fire Fans

A fire fan is a fan shaped object usually constructed of non-combustible materials and similar to the rope dart, can have either the Kevlar wicks or LED lights. Tech fire fan spinners use movements similar to those in poi, and often employ faster spinning and more complex tricks using the fans.



One of the more extreme wick arrangements f is the Dragonstaff. A cross of three, four or more wicks on spokes is added to the ends which gives the staff more rotational inertia. The Dragonstaff is able to create incredibly intricate patterns of fire and is similar to a contact staff in that it rolls over a performer's body and isn't held, but requires a different set of skills to manipulate because of the larger ends and the extra momentum generated by the rotation or rolling of the staff.


Pixel Whips

PixelWhips are amazing LED whips consisting of many individual strands of fiber optic where the long strands of fibre optics create a myriad of bright, sparkling points of light which are used like poi.

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